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If you’re not familiar with who photographer Daniel Schaefer is, then what you should know first and foremost is that he is probably one of the most driven, self-motivated and determined photographers under the age of 30 that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.
— Chris Gampat -
Daniel has demonstrated not only a passion and a commitment to his work and photography, but also a dedication to doing the footwork to serve both himself and his clients. His generosity and consideration of others has allowed him to stand out among his peers.
— Ibarionex Perello - The Candid Frame.
Daniel is a personable young man with a true passion for photography. Daniel would bring his knowledge and enthusiasm for the photo business to any project or opportunity he was granted.
— Brenda Olesin, Leica Camera.
Daniel has the eye, the sensibility, the precision, the expertise - a matter of priorities and he sticks to priorities pretty well. Daniel gets people involved, excited and passionate into and about photography; he is a high-end communicator, a skilled photographer, so young and so eager - undoubtedly someone you can learn a lot from.
— Billiana Rousseva, Italcimenti group.
Daniel is an enigmatic photographer that not only captures the moment, but each frame exudes drama, sensuality. His work is truly unique.
— Dan Brunn, Architect.
I am continually struck by Daniel’s depth of technical knowledge, his insatiable curiosity, his creativity, and his generosity... I’ve been pleased to discover that his curiosity and sparkling intelligence extend to many other subjects as well. As a result, Daniel sees connections and possibilities that others would miss. He is also an affable gentleman and a gifted teacher.
— Jeff Rovner, O'Melveny & Myers LLP.
I consider Daniel one of the most amazing Creatives I’ve worked in my many years of producing and his photographs have become the “signature” images for the (Brave New Voices) festival. I recommend him and his work highly and enthusiastically look forward to seeing how his work plays out in many other fields.
— Joan Osato, Youth Speaks.
Daniel has a way of communicating that allows the subject (model/actor) to feel comfortable with vulnerability, he pays attention to detail, and grows with every job he takes. I can honestly say that Daniel is absolutely worth working with.
— Marco Torriani, Actor.
Havana Cuba - Shot on an Afghan Box Camera

Havana Cuba - Shot on an Afghan Box Camera